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of electrical energy consumption of a building goes to Lighting & Plug loads.


of electrical energy consumption of a building goes to HVAC & Water Heating.


Energy savings can be accomplished with low or no cost measures


of Lebanon's primary energy is consumed in buildings


Intercool ESCO aims to expand its service to the Arabian Gulf, and particularly Dubai and the UAE, to become a leading consulting firm in the field of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency. This expansion is backed by the extensive expertise of Creara Internationalwith its team of expert associates.

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At Intercool ESCO we are green at the core. We envision spreading this green mindset throughout Lebanon and the Arabian Gulf and give, anyone who is willing, the opportunity to help keep our world sustainable.

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We are the daughter company of Intercool, one of the leading MEP firms in North Lebanon. Intercool has more than 20 years of MEP experience in Lebanon and the Gulf. In the past few years, Intercool has turned its sigh towards on energy and sustainability and thus Intercool ESCO was established. Intercool ESCO is one of the first ESCOs in Lebanon, led by the progressive vision of energy expert, Osman Adra to have received the Certified Energy Managers International (CEMI) accredited by the Association of Energy Engineers (AEE).

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